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Our Story

Fast. Easy. Cost effective.

The team at Treasury Suite has had a front row seat to the mind numbing creep and timidity of technological change within corporate banking. We started as fax machine jockeys, before embracing laser disks and then - as the banking industry finally made changes years after the rest of the world - we whole heartily embraced banking through the internet. 

Years of frustration fueled the desire for change; change that makes commercial banking more of what we all intuitively know it should be. Fast. Easy. Cost effective. 

Born of simplicity

Treasury Suite was born as a simple spreadsheet more than a decade ago. We developed our corporate cash management software as a straightforward solution to a complex problem and we became a trusted advisor to many. Treasury Suite has since matured into a robust SAAS platform. 

Along the way, we have held very tight to simple rules: 

  • The solution must be intuitive and easy to use. 
  • The cost absolutely must be on point. 
  • And the most important measure of our success is the extent to which others see us as a trusted advisor. 

We are very proud of the way that Treasury Suite has met the mark at every step. 

Don't settle

Too many treasury professionals have settled with what the market offers. What they should do is stop pulling statements from banking portals, stop spending valuable time massaging data in that monster spreadsheet before finding the right answer, and forget blowing the budget on exorbitant fees to their banks and TMS provider. 

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Health Sciences Firm

A health sciences organization had just bulked up their treasury staff with two new hires. Their first task: quickly find and implement a new treasury workstation. Their singular goal: find a way to effectively report and analyze cash spread throughout nineteen countries across the globe.

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A Great School

Public employees get no love, and the Treasury staff at a State Univeristy nestled under the grandeur of Yellowstone National Park found themselves in a familiar situation - a long list of accounts, a longer list of stakeholders and a short list of staff. Treasury Suite has long been a trusted advisor to the treasury team at Idaho State University

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Regional bank

A regional Bank found themselves in a head to head competition for an important client. The potential client had one significant requirement: cleanly report daily cash activities and balances by each location of their retail operations. The incumbent had a solution in place that worked well enough.

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Experience |


Every business with a treasury department understands the frustration of old outdated treasury workstation models. We provide industry leading treasury workstation utilities and analytic resources to help treasury experts understand their daily cash management better.


Having been in the industry for many years we know what it's like to struggle with a complex and outdated treasury platform. When we embarked on this journey to find a simple and elegant solution to daily cash management we knew it wouldn't be easy to find. Through years of dedicated efforts and strategic development we transformed from a single excel spreadsheet to a high-octane proprietary platform that leaves the competition in the dust.

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