Problem Solution

Simple and powerful solutions

Industries across the board have struggled to find an elegant and watertight solution to large scale, data driven cash management systems. We created Treasury Suite to address that problem for organizations of any size and in any industry.

The Run Down

Treasury Suite is a unique database, aggregating, validating, securing, analyzing and reporting platform that brings the power of multidimensional reporting to daily cash management for any organization regardless of size, industry or complexity. The information provided by Treasury Suite is delivered using structure and navigation tools that are both push and pull oriented, as well as quick, clean and very intuitive. In addition, the platform is built around the concept of actionable information that moves users quickly to the analysis and decision phase of cash management.

The Problem

Existing daily options are too limited or too complex, require too much training and support, or provide little to no guidance on how to build and maintain a best practices cash management solution.

The Solution

Treasury Suite automatically aggregates data from multiple banks to save time, validates and backs up information constantly, and organizes the data to provide intelligent and actionable reporting—thus moving you directly to the decision phase of the cash management cycle. These features and our expert team make Treasury Suite a leader in the world of  treasury workstation vendors.

The cash management solution

If you have become frustrated looking for a treasury workstation that provides the kind of analytics, data, and support you require - your search is over. The Treasury Suite platform is designed to be lightweight and incredibly robust.

Born of simplicity

Treasury Suite was born as a simple spreadsheet more than a decade ago. We developed our corporate cash management software as a straightforward solution to a complex problem and we became a trusted advisor to many. Treasury Suite has since matured into a robust SAAS platform. 

Along the way, we have held very tight to simple rules: The solution must be intuitive and easy to use. The cost absolutely must be on point. And the most important measure of our success is the extent to which others see us as a trusted advisor. We are very proud of the way that Treasury Suite has met the mark at every step. 

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