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Our Treasury Workstation

Our treasury workstation redefines corporate cash management software. We understand that treasury workstation vendors must provide a platform that can be simple and user friendly without sacrificing quality utilities. The Treasury Suite solution was developed with end users in mind and incorporates a state of the art suite of impressive treasury management tools. With powerful reporting options, intuitive design, and treasury analytics resources you have everything you need to make the right cash management decisions in just seconds. 

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Treasury Suite is a unique database, aggregating, validating, securing, analyzing and reporting platform that brings the power of multidimensional reporting to daily cash management for any organization regardless of size, industry or complexity. The information provided by Treasury Suite is delivered using structure and navigation tools that are both push and pull oriented, as well as quick, clean and very intuitive. In addition, the platform is built around the concept of actionable information that moves users quickly to the analysis and decision phase of cash management.


Existing options are too limited or too complex, require too much training and support, or provide little to no guidance on how to build and maintain a best practices cash management solution.


Treasury Suite automatically aggregates data from multiple banks to save time, validates and backs up information constantly, and organizes the data to provide intelligent and actionable reporting—thus moving you directly to the decision phase of the cash management cycle.

"Idaho State University utilized TreasSure's powerful analytics for over 5 years to increase the transparency surrounding our cash and to help us save time and money. Their unique web-based solution - Cash Analytics - was easy to learn and use all while providing valuable insights into our daily cash."

Executive Director, Treasury, State University

“The information provided by Cash Analytics has improved the visibility into my cash and working capital while reducing risks associated with my banking process. In addition, the daily reporting has significantly increased my awareness around our cash and banking program with little to no extra time requirement."

CFO of Technology Products Company

Cash Analytics is the daily cash platform that that gets it right. No implementation time. No hidden fees or ballooning cost. Just simple and powerful insight to help us manage our cash efficiently.

Corporate Treasurer of USANA